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Game Jams

In the past 2 years I’ve been to almost 10 game jams and it has always been a great opportunity  to power level my game development knowledge. Not only do I get to make a great game, I also always try to work with new people that I’ve never made games with before so that I learn to work with many kind of people.

  • Global Game Jam
  • Dream Hackathon
  • Indies VS PewDiePie
  • Nordic Game Jam

Interview by DreamHack



Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platform PC
Time frame 24 hours
Responsibilities Game Design & Scripting
Team size 4

Coloride is a game created at Dream Hackathon Summer 15.


In Travel, you start out as a star lost in space, with no real instructions as to what to do and what the game is about. So you start exploring… Loosely inspired by Le Petit Prince. The Windows build supports Wiimote input.



Title Travel
Platform PC with Wii remote or mouse
Development time 48 hours
Development period January 2015
Engine Unity
Responsibilities Game Design and Scripting
Team size 1 Game Designer, 2 Programmers, 2 Artists and 1 All around




Global Game Jam Presentation – in Swedish



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Global Game Jam Entry




Crawl around in tunnels as fast as you can with Google cardboard, holy moly! A VR game created during 24 hours at DreamHackathon at DreamHack winter 2015.


Title Mhole
Platform Google Cardboard
Development time 24 hours
Development period November 2014
Engine Unity
Responsibilities Game Design and Scripting
Team size 1 Game Designer, 2 Programmers & 2 Artists



Engine Unity
Platform Smartphone
Time frame 24 hours
Responsibilities Game Design & Programming
Team size 4

You work at the town gate and your task is to sort the ships coming in. Let the citizens through, stop the tourists and redirect them to the toll and push the space pirates to where they belong.

As you can see the ships can bounce into each other. I chose to add this feature since it adds to all the chaos this game represents.
This was the first game in which I experimented with shaders in Shader Forge.

Broken Worlds

A single-player puzzle explorer played using the Oculus Rift, where the player solves puzzles by travelling between a mysterious town and a sea world beneath it.

Global Game Jam Entry