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Platform(s) iOS & Android
Development time 8 Months
Development period April 2017 – May 2018
Main role(s) Programmer & Game Designer
Team size 2 Developers, 2 Producers & 3 Part Time Freelancers
Game Engine Unity

/assets/game/bubble-breeze-pop/screenshots/0.png /assets/game/bubble-breeze-pop/screenshots/1.png /assets/game/bubble-breeze-pop/screenshots/2.png /assets/game/bubble-breeze-pop/screenshots/3.png /assets/game/bubble-breeze-pop/screenshots/4.png /assets/game/bubble-breeze-pop/screenshots/unnamed (1).png /assets/game/bubble-breeze-pop/screenshots/unnamed (2).png /assets/game/bubble-breeze-pop/screenshots/unnamed (3).png /assets/game/bubble-breeze-pop/screenshots/unnamed (4).png /assets/game/bubble-breeze-pop/screenshots/unnamed.png

Key features I’ve designed and implemented

  • Hexagonal grid system
  • Modular object pooling system
  • Modular grid object and bubble inheritance architecture and logic
  • Modular game modes
  • Health system that recovers when the app is not running
  • Modular localisation system
  • Generating levels to and from JSON-files
  • UI system
  • Cycle manager; a script that makes the gameplay run in the correct order
  • Google Sheets integration for localisation, levels, in app purchases and more
  • In app purchases
  • Modular tutorial system

What I learned

  • While all code should be optimised I’ve learned that optimising for readability first and performance second helps improve the code faster and prevents me from getting stuck on optimising something that doesn’t need to be optimised
  • Have code reviews often; they’re awesome
  • Making animations
  • Unity’s particle system
  • All the steps for preparing and exporting a build from Unity to Google Play Store
  • To prioritise fixing bugs, saving time in the long run
  • Extending the Unity editor

Where I improved

  • Game feel and making things juicy
  • How and when to separate long scripts into smaller classes
  • Making the game modular, code should never be copied
  • Git and GitHub on a deeper level. For example:
    • Rebasing
    • Fixing more advanced conflicts
    • Releases
    • Stashing


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