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Spurf is a Guitar Hero like game for mobile phones! Connect your Spotify account and see how the game changes with your favorite tunes, tap to the beat and rotate the cube to match the colors of the incoming projectiles. Try to beat the fastest songs out there!

This game was initially created during DreamHackathon in 24 hours, a Game Jam competition. Spurf took second place and we decided to continue working on it during our spare time. It was released on Appstore 2nd of January 2015.

My primary roles were as game designer and artist. The reason I chose to be an artist on this project was because I wanted to try out a new role in that I’d never tried before. I like to put myself into new situations and to experience things from different perspectives.

We had as our goal to teach the player how to play the game in the most fast and easy way from the players perspective. Ideally the player shouldn’t even notice the tutorial. One big problem we encountered was that the players did not understand that this game was meant to be played with two hands. Instead of having a text on the screen to tell the player to use two hand we decided to tackle this problem with changing the icons for rotating the square from arrows to the fingerprints that they are now. This made it obvious for the player that the game was supposed to be played with both thumbs.



Title Spurf
Platform iOS
Development time September 2014 – now
Responsibilities Game Design and 2D Art
Team size 1 2D Artist & 3 Programmers





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