A clicker game with a word twist!

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Platform(s) iOS & Android
Development time 4 Months
Development period March 2018 – July 2018
Main role(s) Lead Programmer & Game Designer
Team size 3 Developers, 1 Producer & 1 Part Time Freelancer
Game Engine Corona SDK

WordWhizzle Tap is a clicker/idle game with a word twist. It started out an in-house game jam project for me and my colleague to learn Lua and the game engine Corona. Then it was supposed to be a minigame inside another of Apprope’s word games, but it was quickly made into its own standalone game when we noticed its potential.

We worked with an agile development model, never forgetting the minimum viable product, making sure to focus on the correct tasks for the next milestone and retargeting our focus when needed.

/assets/game/wordwhizzle-tap/screenshots/unnamed_1.jpg /assets/game/wordwhizzle-tap/screenshots/unnamed_2.jpg /assets/game/wordwhizzle-tap/screenshots/unnamed_3.jpg /assets/game/wordwhizzle-tap/screenshots/unnamed_4.jpg /assets/game/wordwhizzle-tap/screenshots/unnamed_5.jpg

Key features I’ve designed and implemented

  • Score system, balancing idle and active earnings with each other
  • One click download from Google Sheets right into the game using a Unix script
  • Progression system that unlocks features as the player progresses in the game, it was also used for the tutorial
  • Quest system that gives the player three quests to complete at the time
  • Modular save system
  • A custom particle system
  • UI system
  • Prestige system

What I learned

  • Unix terminal and creating scripts
  • Lua scripting language
  • Corona SDK - Game Engine

Where I improved

  • Balancing and working with exponential growth
  • Modularity
  • Code architecture


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